Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reading Einstein to explain Palin

This isn't a knock on her.

If you want a knock on her, read Mike Murphy's newest. If you want a defense of her, read Jennifer Pozner.

But by now, there's nothing left to be said about Palin's decision, except perhaps from a dying Albert Einstein.

While looking back on his remarkable two decades in America, and the push and pull that had marked it, he wrote a friend (from Walter Isaacson's bio, page 537).

God's own country becomes stranger and stranger, but somehow they manage to return to normality. Everything -- even lunacy -- is mass produced here. But everything goes out of fashion very quickly.

Whatever your take, "lunacy", "mass-produced", "fashion", and "very quickly" can all be ascribed to the Palin phenomenon, either from opponents or supporters.

If she's a fashion, she'll fade. If she's not, Andrew Sullivan will shoot himself in the head. That's all we really know, at this point.


narciso said...

I would say, that applies more to Obama, a flash in the pan, than someone like Palin, you ought to call yourself GOP 16, with your attacks on the base. In the unlikely event that Romney and Pawlenty get the nomination, their backbiting of her supporters will not serve them in good stead

JeanA said...

If you want some attention write about Gov. Palin.

“Polically, if I die, I die”

You betcha!

wisetrog said...

narciso, for some reason I think Christian is gay and his call for moderate stems from that. Just a hunch. Could be wrong. But the overwhelming cattiness just gives that vibe.

baboonking said...


lol :)

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