Friday, July 10, 2009

Shannyn Moore: "You want to shut me down on the 4th of July?"

Forbes Magazine interviews Sarah Palin-nemesis, Shannyn Moore, and asks the Alaskan blogger what she thought after getting that warning letter from Sarah Palin's lawyer.

A reporter friend of mine e-mailed me the news--I thought it was a hoax. When I found out it was true, I felt like Bridget Jones after she went down the fire pole with her panties showing, and said to myself, "Ooh, this is awkward." Palin's warning is just an intimidation tactic. I was like, "You want to shut me down on the Fourth of July?" It made me so angry.

She also says death threats and marriage proposals are running about 50/50.


JeanA said...

S. Moore the rumor moron. That free speech works both ways.

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