Thursday, July 30, 2009

To err is sometimes forgivable

Yet, as AllahPundit notes, that's the standard Sarah Palin will have to live up to in the wake of all the X-gates she's gone through.

I think these late-night hit-and-runs are more damaging to her than all the dreary hit pieces from left-wing politicos. Bit by bit, they’ve Quaylized her to the point where it’s hard to imagine what she could do to erase the impression that she’s a joke.

.... Any bad answer or “I don’t know” or awkward phrasing along the way would be an occasion to resuscitate it.

Caveat: if Palin's as good a politician as some claim, she won't be destroyed. Brilliant politicians can't be destroyed (although it's almost a tautological argument; well, okay, it is).

Charlie Crist's been hit mercilessly by the mainstream press in Florida for the past two years, but his approval's only taken a margin of error hit.

Barack Obama remains popular, even though his policies aren't. And you can etc the hell out of political history and find similar contradictions. If Palin's as good as they say, she'll be another of them.


baboonking said...

there's also hillary and bill clinton so humour is one thing but at the end of the day people will vote based on performance.

wisetrog said...

She IS another of them. After all, she still remains a viable 2012 candidate, forcing even Fred Barnes n Krauthammer to rethink their opinions, even after all the MSM mudslinging.

JeanA said...

You are still talking about her and will because lets face it.

If Gov. Palin decides to disappear what will you people have to talk about. Everybody else is sooooo boring.

narciso said...

No, that's mostly because he's sold out any republican principles he had long ago. You cannot begin to compare what she gone through
in a year, with any particularly distasteful occasional insinuation directed at him

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