Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ward Connerly bucks Whitman, endorses Poizner

For those who follow California gubernatorial politics, this is a bit of a win for GOP candidate, Steve Poizner, although Connerly's cache in the state has faded a bit.

If you remember Connerly, was an African-American, University of California regent and leading proponent of 1996's Proposition 209, which barred public institutions from using race, sex, or ethnicity in admissions or hiring decisions.

The Fix:

In touting Connerly's support, Poizner appears to be trying to position himself to former eBay president Meg Whitman's (R) ideological right in next year's primary.

That being said, Connerly holds at least a few positions the right-wing base might not like, including opposition to California's Proposition 8.

"For anyone to say that this is an issue for people who are gay and that this isn't about civil rights is sadly mistaken.

If you really believe in freedom and limited government, to be intellectually consistent and honest you have to oppose efforts of the majority to impose their will on people."


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