Wednesday, August 12, 2009


According to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey, only 39% of Americans view Sarah Palin favorably, while 48% have an unfavorable opinion of her.

Keating Holland, who directed the poll.

"A 39 percent favorable rating makes it that much tougher for Palin to become president should she decide to run in 2012. Her favorable rating is almost identical to the numbers that former vice president Dan Quayle got just after leaving office in 1993."

More ominously, Peter Hamby reports her favorables among GOP voters have dropped 16 pts. since May.

That's significant, because polls had consistently shown her to be the Republican party's most popular figure.

On July 20, Public Policy Polling released a survey (pdf), showing Palin's favorables among conservatives to be +20% over Romney, +8% over Huck, and +14% over Newt (to be fair, the other candidates had lower name recognition, too).

On July 16, Gallup released a poll among Republicans and like-minded indies showing Palin's favorables at +16% over Mitt's and +13% over Huck (again, Romney and Huck's neutrals were much higher).

And on June 24, Pew released a poll showing Palin with similarly high fav. numbers among Republicans (+16% over Mitt, and +18% over Newt).



Jim Cunningham said...

Before you get too worked up with glee on this CNN poll (which is notoriously inaccurate among national polling outfits)look at the margin of error among Republican respondents, 6.5% 6.5%!! Are you kidding? Rasmussen must be laughing himself silly over this hit job!

AKReport said...

palin will be fine when she gets rolling

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