Monday, August 3, 2009

Candidate who lost money from Huck visit speaks out

On July 21, The Hill's Aaron Blake reported on a fundraiser for U.S. House candidate, Les Phillip, of Alabama.

Mike Huckabee showed up to headline the fundraiser and endorse Phillip.

But the cost of Huck's speaking fee, as well as other expenses associated with the event, ended up losing Phillip more money ($43,611) than it raised ($17,000).

[Phillip's] disbursements include a $33,990 speaking fee for Huckabee, $600 for photography for the Huckabee event, $438 for a lunch with Huckabee, $6,233 for a stage rental and equipment (presumably for the Huckabee event), and a $2,350 facility rental fee (also presumably for the Huckabee event).

Over the weekend, Phillip told The Huntsville Times it was still worth it.

"My main focus was bringing someone in for an event to get my name out there. People know me now - people who wouldn't have known me at all. I'm not talking just locally, but nationally.... It got me the front page of my newspaper. It opened doors for me that are paying dividends that you wouldn't believe."

He might be right, but the only clear outcome from it is that it probably tarnished Huck, somewhat. A speaking fee for someone your endorsing?


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