Friday, August 28, 2009

Evening eats

a. Sean Hannity for ___?

b. Who gets the Jewish vote in Hutchison vs Perry?

c. Fred Malek wants you keep your eyes on these rising stars.

d. Stossel agrees with Palin on death panels.

e. Jeb's bipartisan efforts on education continue.

f. Sanford says the press hasn't covered him objectively.

g. The new Survivor includes a "fit version of Sarah Palin".

h. Speaking of Palin, Zieg celebrates their one-year.

i. Crashing Mark Sanford's press conference.

j. Not a surprise to regular readers of bloody sock's blog.

k. Herbert rethinks Huntsman on climate change.

l. Jindal, once again, has a damned sensible take on ethics.

m. This was done in 2008, so you can tack a few hundred more days on there.


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