Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Former Florida GOP chair endorses Crist

Florida Sen. candidate, Charlie Crist, announces that Al Cardenas, a former chair of the Florida Republican party, is officially backing his Senate bid.

In endorsing him, Cardenas also applauds Marco Rubio's accomplishments and "spirited campaign".


“Today, I am pleased to announce my support of Governor Charlie Crist’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate in 2010,” said Cardenas who served as Chairman of the Republican Party from 1998-2003. “I witnessed Charlie’s energy, focus, and leadership as he went on to become our Commissioner of Education and Attorney General. Governor Crist re-energized the state’s top lawyer office and took that momentum to the Governor’s Mansion. He remains one of the most popular governors in our state’s history.”

“I have a long history with Speaker Marco Rubio; personally, professionally, and politically- along with a great respect for his passion and his ability to articulate the conservative principles that we share,” said Cardenas. “ I believe Marco has waged a spirited campaign and whichever path Marco chooses he has earned and deserves our respect."

“As we look to the 2010 election cycle, I urge Republicans to unite the Republican Party by standing behind Governor Crist. With Governor Crist atop the Ticket, I am confident that our party will achieve sweeping victories in 2010. “


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