Friday, February 20, 2009

Kyl says Obama needs to stop flying around the country

INT: The Idea Factory, GOP Conference Room -- NIGHT

How about pork barrel flights?

After discussion, the men agree that if auto execs had to drive to Washington, the President should have to take the First Car to Colorado.

Heated debate. Should Obama be driven to Colorado or forced to drive himself? ERIC wonders whether the Obama citizenship question makes him ineligible to drive. The group could partner up with World Net Daily to form a new think tank, issuing study-after-study showing immigrant drivers (particularly Asians and people from Pakistan and Kenya or wherever he's from) are hazards on the road.




Yeah, Eric, we're gonna do the pork barrel flights. If that doesn't work, we'll go to smoking. Then Roland Burris. Maybe after that, the citizenship thing.


Then what?

It's 2010.

Sen. Jon Kyl previews a new talking point on Greta Van S last night:

"You can do the math. The president flew out here, stayed last night, went to a high school this morning ... gave his speech and then he left town. And I understand he did the same thing in Denver yesterday.

If it's just used as a backdrop, if there's no other business, why in the world are we spending that kind of money just to sign a bill or make an announcement?"