Monday, February 23, 2009

Romney's gift to "Undaunted Dozen" gets major play

a. The Hill. "Romney to the Rescue"

b. Huffington Post. "Romney Doles out Checks to Republicans targeted by DCCC Ads"

c. ABC's The Note: "Romney to the Rescue?"

d. USA Today: "Romney to the Resuce"

e. GOP12: "The Largesse of Mitt Romney"

f. CNN: "Romney's PAC Writes Checks to 11 of the Undaunted Dozen"

g. Boston Herald: "Romney helps stimulus foes"

h. Politico: "Romney writes checks to House Republicans"

i. The LA Times: "Mitt Romney backs GOP stimulus detractors with his PAC money"

j. Roll Call: "Romney PAC Aids Targeted Republicans"

Price: $1,000 per head. Headlines: Priceless.