Monday, February 2, 2009

Thune plans Right to Carry bill for Senate

The Star-Beacon on the House version of South Dakota Senator John Thune's imminent legislation:

H.R. 197, introduced in the U.S. House by Representatives Cliff Stearns’ (R-Fla.) and Rich Boucher (D-Va.), would allow any person with a valid concealed firearm carrying permit or license, issued by a state, to carry a concealed firearm in any state, as follows: In states that issue concealed firearm permits, a state’s laws governing where concealed firearms may be carried would apply within its borders. In states that do not issue carry permits, a federal “bright-line” standard would permit carrying in places other than police stations; courthouses; public polling places; meetings of state, county, or municipal governing bodies; schools; passenger areas of airports; and certain other locations..... Senator John Thune (R-S.D.) is expected to introduce the Senate companion bill in the near future.

(ea) Thune's been making major, but quiet waves, as of late, and as anyone who lives near the coast knows, them "sneaker waves" are the strongest.

To rehash (or you can just run through our John Thune news archive):

a. appointed vice chairman of the Senate's Republican Conference
b. introduces Life at Conception Act
c. introduces Broadcaster Freedom Act
d. fights the cow tax (not so trivial as it sounds)
e. is one of 5 GOP Senators invited to sup with President O
f. delivers a powerful speech on the Senate floor, protesting Geithner's nomination
g. hires an aggressive campaign manager, promising a "state of the art" reelection bid.
h. given assignment for beefing up party's outreach to K Street and minority groups.


i. he plays a helluva basketball game.