Friday, March 6, 2009

Take that, Anne! Cantor refuses to demonize single mothers

Minority Whip Eric Cantor responds to the President's health care proposal by empathizing with single mothers:

.... any new proposals should focus on helping the single mother who is driving to an office building in Richmond and worrying about her family’s financial situation, her job security and their health care coverage.

We must ensure she can choose any doctor she wants and that that doctor is free to decide which treatment options are best for her family without some government board second guessing the decision.

Will the single mother-bashing Ann Coulter mind?

Surprisingly, not really. Not if it's coming from her own party.

If you'll remember, Coulter attacked single mothers last December, arguing they portrayed themselves as victims when it was really only their children that were hurt.

But as we noted back then, Coulter undermines her point in the same interview.

"Most Americans have a charitable and kind instinct to help the afflicted, and they're not used to the crocodile tears of the liberals. So it works, because Americans are kind people.

But in the meantime it creates real victims, like children of single mothers, like aborted babies, like Sarah Palin and her extended family."

(ea) What's odd is that, according to her own definition, Bristol and Sarah Palin are not victims -- Bristol had a baby out of wedlock and so became one of the single mothers excoriated by Coulter.

So why does Coulter call Sarah Palin and her extended family "real victims"? Because that's the way her party views them.

Ann Coulter: Not a leader of the party. Led by the party.

UDPATE!: Bill Maher explains why old pal Ann hasn't been on Real Time, as of late:

"It’s too hard to find someone else you can book. ‘I’m not going to go on with her,’ they’ll say. ‘Oh no. Not with her.’”


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