Monday, February 23, 2009

EBay founder not backing Whitman

NY Times:

Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire founder of eBay and a contributor to many Democratic causes, said in an e-mail message that working with her at the company “was a real joy” but that they had “substantially different views on a number of fundamental political issues.”

And in a potentially ominous sign for a career in politics (and California politics, no less):

.... some former colleagues suggest that she may be unprepared for the glare of the political stage, saying she took her public setbacks very personally, including her unsuccessful candidacy for the top job at Disney after Michael Eisner left in 2005.

That's a little bit of the New York Times being the New York Times. After all, by the time she left Ebay, Whitman presided over a company with $8 billion in sales and 15,000 employees.

You can't lead something like that if being called fat sends you into rehab.