Friday, February 6, 2009

Scientific American runs interview supporting Palin on wolves

The distinguished mag sits down with Shawn Haskell, a wildlife biologist at the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept (ea):

Why do Sarah Palin and her Alaskan neighbors want to shoot their wolves?

My guess is the areas where they want to aerial hunt and cull wolves are areas where rural residents are saying "We used to have more moose, we used to have more caribou."

They want caribou and moose to eat, and predators can be their direct competition. It really is that simple. You'll find lots of scientific studies driven by data that show you can increase prey populations by shooting predators. You can look at the habitat and say that a range could support three moose per square mile, yet we have less than one. It's a no-brainer really.

Scientific American isn't exactly Conservatives4Palin. But does Ashley Judd subscribe?