Friday, February 6, 2009

Sanford orders "So Gay" removed; ads rocket

Gay News Blog reports on the continued, worldwide success of the "So Gay" advertising campaign, which originally included South Carolina as a destination until the state's governor, Mark Sanford, ordered it removed.

... when South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford heard about the campaign, with ads at two London Underground stations saying the South Carolina is “So Gay”, he reportedly ordered the ads pulled - and the $4,942.50 cost not to be paid.

As is so often the case, try to ban something and it bands together. Like Sanford really cares what other people think, though, right?

Sorry. Not very creative on that one. But hearing the lilting soprano or alto or whatever the hell-o Boy George sings in + the name and concept of Mark Sanford is ceaselessly fun.

UPDATE!: South Carolina's Attorney General issued an opinion today saying that Sanford does, indeed, have the authority to fire the rogue ESC Commissioners who've been withholding unemployment data.