Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Romney: "Unlikely" he'll run in 2012

Spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom:

“Gov. Romney had his shot at the White House, and he lost fair and square. That opportunity is unlikely to come along again. Gov. Romney is pouring all his energy into electing McCain-Palin and other Republicans, and that has been his single focus since leaving the presidential race.”

Does this sound like someone who's not running?

The former governor’s Free and Strong America political action committee, meanwhile, has doled out $375,000 to various GOP efforts in recent weeks, including $10,000 to a group fighting same-sex marriage in California and $5,000 to a Massachusetts organization fighting an attempt to decriminalize marijuana.

In all, Romney’s PAC has given $202,000 to 75 GOP candidates since April and $173,000 to other party organizations and initiatives, aides said.