Friday, January 16, 2009

Mitch Daniels barefoot vid

You can read the story here, or just listen to the lady talk.


Jimbo said...

This is great. I had never heard of this cause and the governor deserves praise for bringing it to public awareness. The expensive suit and tie provided some funny contrast.

This also gave Daniels some national coverage. Now the pressure will be on for potential competitors to do the same thing. The more dapper and dignified they are to start with, the stronger the impact. Crist? Sanford?

gop 12 said...

Crist, I can see - he's so genial. Sanford? Hey, he's Moses, and didn't Moses do barefoot a few times? I'd love to see Romney do it.

Jimbo said...

Ha! A barefoot Romney in a pinstriped suit and $200 tie! Getting Romney to take off those shiny wingtips and silk socks in public would be like stopping the earth's rotation. You might as well tell him not to comb his hair.