Monday, January 12, 2009 makes formal complaint against Letterman!

This has reached a Felliniesque level of weirdness. Please let this be an unfounded rumor.

Alaska Dispatch:

Members of, that ever-growing national group of feisty supporters of Gov. Sarah Palin, have complained to the Federal Communications Commission about a joke David Letterman apparently made about Palin.

In a note to members Monday, Team Sarah claims members are "hearing" that the FCC is launching an investigation into the Letterman barb. The group doesn't say which joke members found offensive -- Letterman has routinely picked on the governor in recent months. But it could be when he and sidekick Paul Shaffer said they were "aroused" by Palin when she was running for vice president.

(Ea.) Well, guess what. I was aroused, too. And probably most of Team Sarah. So come get me, FCC. The publicity will be great.