Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Ahab Complex": Sarah Palin hunts Moby Dick

The Center for Biological Diversity laments (Ea):

The state of Alaska today formally notified the federal government of its intent to sue to overturn recent protections given to the critically endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale under the Endangered Species Act.

Alaska’s legal action against the beluga whale marks the second time in recent months that Governor Palin’s administration has launched legal attacks against endangered species on behalf of the oil industry; in August 2008 Palin filed suit seeking to overturn federal protection for the polar bear.

And Brendan Cummings, oceans program director at the Center provides your sound-bite.

“Governor Palin must be suffering from an Ahab complex; she has an irrational obsession with driving the white whale extinct."

Time to move on from Polar Palin to a new, highly addictive flash game! Send us if you've made it. Anonymous, bored bloggers always have time.