Monday, January 12, 2009

Friedman: Okay to mock Palin; not her family

Jon Friedman for Market Watch..

Friedman writes an accompanying piece saying the same thing.

Agreed. That's why GOP 12 hasn't gotten into the Bristol, Levi, Levi's Mom shit. But that doesn't mean we won't back off on Palin or the media, both of whom are applying a double-standard. It's not unusual that the media's called out Palin on her stumbles; it's the relish with which they've done it that's so suspect. And there's no doubt that Palin's been dancing her own cute, little Victimization Two-Step.

Again, Jon Friedman:

Palin shouldn't make an issue about how she believes that Fey and CBS News' Katie Couric "exploited" her during the presidential campaign.

Earth to Sarah: OF COURSE, they exploited you -- gleefully, as a matter of fact. Psst, you were really, really famous, you know.

[Hat tip: New York Observer]