Monday, January 5, 2009

Bush v. Crist: Big Balls Grudge Match

Riptide 2.0:

As things look right now, and it could very well change, conventional wisdom says 2016 will be a better year for Republican White House hopefuls than 2012. Jeb, if sucessful (sic), would be finishing up his first Senate term, and Charlie would be two years out of the gov's mansion. Perfect timing for both of them to make a run.

Neither wants to be competiting (sic) with the other for what would surely be an overlapping list of Florida's donors and of course the primaries themselves. So maybe Charlie would like nothing better than to see Jeb fail miserably in his Senate aspirations, and Jeb would love if's idea that Crist is idealogically (sic) unfit for "ever being the GOP nominee for President, let alone anything else" took hold.

Good observation, but could you use spell check next time? I haven't sic'ed that much since transcribing a conversation for the FBI between Kim Jong-il and Mao Zedong on where to go for good Asian buffet.