Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That wasn't so hard! Sanford hails new transparency rules

That bickering between South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and his Legislature gives way to real accomplishment.

The Senate approved a measure today that would require most votes to be recorded votes instead of voice votes, which would allow the public to better track how lawmakers are voting.


"We would give the Senate real credit for making this the first order of business in that it will bring more much-needed transparency to the legislative process.

While these changes aren't quite as simple and concrete as we'd like, what the Senate has done represents the most complete legislative step toward voting transparency we've seen so far. I'd give Senator (Harvey) Peeler particular credit for moving the ball forward on this front, and look forward to working with both the Senate and the House on more transparency measures through the session."

(Ea.) Sanford's ideological purity is great, but as we've noted, it can stand in the way of accomplishing any change at all. But in this case, he didn't get the fully monty, but recognized its worth, anyway.