Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking back at Ron Paul's big year

Reason unpacks the year in libertarian politics. Conclusion: Ron Paul did really well for himself; Bob Barr not so well for either Bob Barr or the movement.

But guess what? Bob Barr blames Ron Paul for Bob Barr's failures.

Paul set the liberty movement back a decade by encouraging people to stay in the GOP,” Barr Communications Director Shane Cory told me just days before the election.

Whereas Ron Paul blames Bob Barr for Bob Barr's failures.

Paul Communications Director Jesse Benton described Barr’s campaign as “disappointing” after the election. “They got more and more desperate.”

Paul could run again in 2012, but in 2008, he showed himself to be a black sheep with a few important "baa's", and ultimately, one who stayed within the fold.