Thursday, January 15, 2009

Can I just take my Senate seat now?? Crist faces earful from educators

For the first time in his charmed political career, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is facing loud protests from the one man you don't want to fuck with: Metaphoric Mr. Hollund's Opus.

Hundreds of jobs have been eliminated and many programs, such as art and music, are on the chopping block at some schools.

“I don’t want them to cut any more than they’ve already cut,” said Tamara Kraftsow, a parent. “Teachers are losing their jobs. They’re taking away art and music and P.E. and it’s unbelievable.”

Other protesters said they were concerned about losing the arts programs.

“It’s really important,” said student Luciano Bruni of the band program. “It’s what I do after school. It’s really productive.”

For his part, Crist is considering restoring funding to a program that rewards teachers.

“I’m gong (sic) to meet again this afternoon with Jerry McDaniel in our office and continue to review and look at it very closely."

So about that Senator gig, Mr. Cornyn?

UPDATE: Political Machine discusses the Crist Senate thing with a brutally irreverent, and funny headline.