Friday, January 16, 2009

Critic: Pawlenty's State of State was for President

Writing for the liberal outfit Politics in Minnesota, Steve Perry claims Gov. Tim Pawlenty's State of the State speech was all about 2012 aspirations, and not enough about 2009 realities:

It was as if Pawlenty took a hard look at the situation and decided the better part of valor was to ensure that he saves at least one Minnesotan--specifically, the one he sees while shaving--from long-term injury amid the chaos.

The governor's words seemed to reveal more about how he means to inoculate himself against damage to his longer-range political ambitions than about the shape of Minnesota Future.

What else are we to make of a speech that devoted four or five minutes to a National Guardsman's heroics in Iraq and a scant few seconds to the tens of thousands of Minnesotans whose health care safety net is about to be attacked with hatchets?

Full text of the speech here.