Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What does Romney's Marriott appt. mean?

Rick Klein reports on the implications of Romney's appointment to Marriott's board:

An item that just broke on The Washington Post’s Website is going to have 2012 watchers buzzing that former Gov. Mitt Romney, R-Mass., may have his eyes on a return to the corporate world, instead of another run for the White House

Then urges caution:

Romney advisers say this has nothing to do with his potential resumption of a political career. Another presidential run in 2012 remains very possible, depending on what the next few years bring; he's slated to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which tends to attract presidential hopefuls, in Washington next month.

Indeed. Corporate folks don't just speak at CPAC for s & g's. And especially when Mike Huckabee might be dawdling around the building. Mitt's appointment to Marriott does three things.

1) It allows him to add another, albeit redundant, layer of executive experience to his resume.

2) In case 2012 doesn't work out, he'll be considered a front-runner to replace Bill Marriott as CEO, should Marriott check in with the Grim Reaper and not make his wake-up call.

3) Instead of doing press tours, TV, and radio like his nemesis Huckabee, Mitt can argue he was doing something other than relentlessly promoting his own brand name between 09-'11.