Friday, January 9, 2009

MSNBC's Shuster: Palin "clearly unqualified"

David Shuster is a puzzle. The guy's face and voice at-rest sound as harmless as the Detroit Lions, but he can turn into Olbermann Lite in the time it takes Murrow to spin over in his grave while hearing Keith end each broadcast: "Good night and good luck." For someone who accused the Clintons of pimping, Shuster's bling for Obama is as shiny as an angel's face after getting a bj.

But journalistic intergrity aside, the man has a point. Sarah Palin and her hardcore backers never admit to a mistake or weakness. This is a woman who was picked for Vice-President and said she never blinked. Real confidence isn't afraid to acknowledge doubt. And real confidence isn't afraid of humility. Napoleon famously said he'd been wrong so many times he no longer blushed for it. And he had a bit of confidence, didn't he?

The media has obviously demonstrated its own intransigence, as well, and regardless of Palin's missteps, stoked some ridiculous fires of its own (think the spending $ story). But let's not forget that if Sarah Palin is as Reaganesque as claimed, she'd emerge unscathed from the media's relentless liberalism. Reagan may have been called a dunce, but he quickly disabused any honest listener of that characterization once he opened his mouth. And in an age of 24/7 media, youtube, and countless documentaries, Sarah Palin has been unable to shake the pejorative popular opinion. Maybe she isn't Reagan.

(please, don't hang me with the entrails of a priest).

[Hat tip: Newsbusters]