Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rudy: GOP alienating suburban voters

A few days ago Rudy sat down for a chat with David Frum.

It's an interview Rudy would have never given in the primary (and also makes it clear he won't run in another one) -- but it's an important message. Democrats are playing well across the country, because Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean have made the deliberate choice of accommodating pro-life, blue dogs Democrats in the party.

There doesn't seem to be any such tolerance of dissent within the GOP right now. If anything, John McCain's loss has stoked the "refining" fires further.

See, we gave you your RINO, and look what happened!

But listen to Rudy's i/view, and remember what happened throughout the 1990's. His bit on northeastern governors is particularly important, and almost unbelievable considering the current state of the party in New England.

Democrats finally let go and let God into the party. They let southern democrats be southern democrats; not Bay Area radicals. But in today's GOP, there's southern republicans and there's southern republicans, and there's more southern republicans.

Losing one Presidential election might not be enough to open eyes.

[Hat tip: Flaps Blog]


Eric Dondero said...

Like southern Republicans as in those from South Dakota?

SD, Oklahoma, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Alaska,, are solidly Red States, and not in the South geographically.

Now, I agree with Rudy, we need some sort of New England and California strategy.

But not at the expanse of the libertarian Montain States, Texas and the South.

gop 12 said...

I don't get the sense a New England candidate would lose the mountain west, since as you note it's more libertarian, and NE candidates are freer spirits on cultural issues.