Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Veep campaign that never ends: Media or Palin's fault?

Chris Matthews v. Bill McAllister, Sarah Palin's spokesamn:

Introducing the clips, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews referred to “the vice presidential campaign that won’t end,” a characterization that McAllister says was hypocritical, as Matthews had recently called him asking for an interview.

“If it’s so objectionable, why do you want to interview her?” McAllister asks.

“This is the double standard we get from a lot of people in the media. I could put her on any TV program you could imagine. She’s being treated as if she’s out there trying to garner all this publicity; we turn stuff down every day.

We turn down dozens of things every day. We get invitations all the time for her to speak at various events, either of a partisan or conservative nature or whatever; she’s not doing that. She’s here. She put out a budget. She’s got a State of the State address she’s going to deliver in less than two weeks. It’s not that she’s commenting, it’s that it seems like the national media will just gobble up anything Palin.”

[Hat tip: Newsbusters]