Thursday, January 15, 2009

Palin skips Obama's dinner for McCain, preps for legislative session

Sarah Palin's spokesman, Bill McAllister, tells Mother Jones he doesn't know if the Alaska Gov. was invited to Obama's par-tay for McCain, but regardless, she's going to be in Alaska, prepping for her State of the State and legislative session next week.

So who's snubbing whom?

Was she even invited? "I don't know if she was invited," McCallister says. Don't know? How could that be? It's hard to miss an invitation from a presidential inauguration committee. For its part, Obama's inaugural committee has declined to say whether an invitation was sent to Palin. Repeated phone calls to its press office produced no answer to this simple question....If Palin was left off the guest list, it's not clear whether the snub came from McCain or the Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Regardless, it'd be quite unreasonable to expect her to make it with all Alaska's stuff coming up next week, and politically flammable. Good non-move for Palin.

[Hat tip: Wonkette]