Monday, January 19, 2009

The case for Sarah Palin: she owns a parka

Paul Streitz, chairman of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, writes a letter to the editor explaining his support for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

There are a few themes emerging in the letter -- themes that will surround the governor's presidential campaign and have begun percolating in the palin blogosphere: disdain for intellect, disregard of basic economic forces, and cult of personality much like that which developed around Barack Obama (Only Obama was mocked as a vapid Paris Hilton or soi-disant Messiah).

But the GOP doesn't have cults of personality; we just have Sarah Palin and Joe Plumber.

Emphasis added to highlight said-themes.

Let me take a moment tell you how much the United States needs Gov. Sarah Palin as president....

The Harvard-Yale Axis of Stupidity is responsible for this economic catastrophe. Anyone is plain crazy who believes the same gang of morons, who got the United States into this mess, is now going to get us out.

Joe, the plumber, did not lose 5 million manufacturing jobs. Sam, the barber, did not let 20 million illegals enter the country. Jack, the electrician, did not cause the Wall Street meltdown. Josephine, the waitress, did not give away $700 billion to banksters. And, Harriet, the school teacher, did not fly to Washington in her corporate jet for a billion dollar bailout.

She has confidence, courage, integrity, good judgment and self-confidence. She comes from a tough environment where winters hit minus 40 and drilling oil at those temperatures is no joke. Fishing, mining and forestry are tough occupations filled with tough people. Her life and family represent the best of Alaska and the self-confidence that was formerly a mark of all Americans.

What the United States of America needs is a person with a bit of integrity, a cup of common sense and an ounce of responsibility. Gov. Sarah Palin has those.

Would someone who graduated from the University of Idaho do a better job than the morons from Harvard and Yale?

You betcha!

1. I never attended an Ivy League university, but wish I could have.

2. No, the metaphoric Joe the Plumber did not lose 5 million manufacturing jobs. But the union he belonged to did.

3. Jack the Electrician did not incite the Wall Street meltdown, but he bought a house he couldn't afford, because his "cup of common sense" told him to take on an impossible mortgage to keep up with Frank the Neighbor.

4. Yes, Sarah Palin comes from a tough environment where winters hit -40. So did Soviet prison guards in the gulag. They also had to connect intellectual dots: it's really cold out here, so I will put on a jacket. If that doesn't work, I will put on another one. And if my extremities are getting blue, I will wear gloves and ear muffs. And I will survive.

5. Would someone from the University of Idaho do a better job than someone from Harvard and Yale? Possibly. If intelligence is a salient characteristic in occupying the most difficult job in the world, then a Harvard or Yale degree would be a better measure of IQ than a U of Idaho diploma. But then again, plenty of smart people have gone to lesser schools. But on average, statistically speaking -- and we conservatives love empiricism, right? -- a Harvard graduate will be smarter than an Idaho graduate.

Streitz's endorsements are built on the same blocks of left-wing stereotyping conservatives ridicule: it's a class-warfare in which the "average American" is granted more citizenship than an upper-class or better educated American.

Since when did Republicans punish excellence? Since when did conservatives use intellectual achievement as a proxy for anti-Americanism? These aren't the words of William Buckley, these aren't the words of Ronald Reagan, these are the words of Karl Marx, wrapped in an American flag, where the proletariat is provoked to raise pitchforks of envy and swords of anger.

UPDATE: We've been getting emails lately, complaining of our "sexist" treatment of Sarah Palin. But if you notice, we didn't mention one damned thing in this post about her breasts, which are considerable and formidable.