Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pew Report: Huntsman's Utah tops list

In their new report on the states, Pew hands out three A's. Washington, Virginia, and Governor Jon Huntsman's Utah top the list.

The report assesses the state's quality of management in money, people, infrastructure, and information.

Pew on Utah:

Utah has been a clear leader in sound government based on smart planning and effective performance management that emphasizes long-term results. It now has the opportunity to build upon its success by improving its focus on maintenance funding and rewarding employee performance.

Scores and analysis of other states with governors who are 2012 candidates:

Governor Bobby Jindal's Louisiana = B
Governor Mitch Daniels' Indiana = B
Governor Charlie Crist's Florida = B-
Governor Mark Sanford's South Carolina = B-
Governor Tim Pawlenty's Minnesota = B-
Governor Haley Barbour's Mississippi = C+
Governor Sarah Palin's Alaska = C