Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Huffington Post: Ten Republicans who should STAY

With Ben Cohen listing, you can bet the RINO-hunters are lurking in the dark, ready to tag the endangered animal with ketamine.

Top Ten Republicans who should stay

1) Colin Powell

2) Ron Paul

3) Chuck Hagel

4) Peggy Noonan

5) Andrew Sullivan

6) Sarah Palin [for strategic reasons]

7) Chris Buckley

8) David Brooks

9) Scott McClellan

10) Stephen Colbert

There you have it -- now take your damned Brooks' pelt, and your Peggy Noonan fur coat, and be gone.

Only one potential 2012 candidate makes the list. That's actually a good thing -- it means Republicans aren't flirting with supporting a candidate the Left loves.

Click here for Cohen's "10 Republicans Who Should Go Away".