Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Columnist: Palin has it tougher than blacks

Writing for Politico, Roger Simon argues that the race card trumps gender:

Sarah Palin recently complained that Caroline Kennedy was getting much easier treatment by the press than Palin had gotten, but in reality Kennedy has gotten a pretty vigorous going-over by reporters.

A better comparison for Palin to make would have been the patty-cake treatment Roland Burris has gotten from the press.....

Once supporters of Roland Burris made his appointment to the Senate all about race, the deal was done, though it took a few days for Senate leaders to wake up to the fact.

(Ea.) Simon may be right, but he's misjudging the Burris situation a bit. Isolated black outrage for not seating Burris was rebuffed until the legality of blocking him became an issue. In fact, when California Senator Dianne Feinstein questioned whether Burris could be blocked, Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate were still largely opposed to seating him.


"If you don't seat Mr. Burris, it has ramifications for gubernatorial appointments all over America. Mr. Burris is a senior, experienced politician. He has been attorney general, he has been controller, and he is very well-respected. I am hopeful that this will be settled."

This does damage Simon's argument, without invalidating it. The second piece to the Burris puzzle seems to, in fact, confirm his hypothesis: Thus far, the Senate has appeared too spineless to even question Burris' views on favorite foods.

Again, Simon:

Where does Roland Burris stand on the fighting in Gaza?

Where does he stand on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

How does he feel about Obama’s financial bailout plan?

In fact, where does Burris stand on any major issue?

Who knows? Let’s just seat the guy and get it over with!