Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why stop at 2,000? Now Huck Team zeros in on 3,000

Less than a week ago, Mike Huckabee's National Volunteer Team reached 2,000 Hucksters. Now, the former Gov. of Arkansas has his sights set on 3,000!

To sign up: go here. You've got the option of either serving as a group leader, raising $ for the HuckPac or just plain old volunteering, and as I'm sure the reverend Huckabee would tell you, there ain't know shame in washing feet.

Other grassrootsy stuff in Huck-Land: Missouri coordinator Jimmy Morris has setup a new Facebook group for Missouri. If you're in Missouri or would just like to pretend you are, click here to join HuckPAC Missouri.

Onto political implications: Huckabee is working two angles in a big way. He's maintaining his national presence through extensive media goings-ons, without sacrificing the grassroots organization to win. In other words, he's not just Fred Thompson -- say hi to Jay Leno this month; Letterman the next; hoping that the media exposure will take care of the other things he'd rather not bother with.