Wednesday, January 14, 2009

DeMint: "Angry Americans" don't want bank bailout

Four Republican Senators are introducing legislation meant to block the second-half of the $350 million bank-bailout requested by Barack Obama.

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint:

"We've seen so many times angry Americans call their senators to stop and not do what is coming on this bill. We have ability to stop this because there are a number of Senators on the fence."

The Fabulous Four concede it will be a tough battle, in a tough political climate, but DeMint claims the bill violates the philosophical core of conservatism:

“The TARP program completely violates America‚Äôs free-market principles, its funds have not been used in the way the administration promised, there has been little to no transparency to the public, and yet the president-elect wants to use another $350 billion. This bailout plan has been a total failure and it must be stopped now."


Note: DeMint also announced his opposition to Obama's choice for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.