Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Claim: Gay group goes bankrupt after fighting Romney

The Bilerico Project thinks so. And, ironically enough, a story like this could help Mitt's primary run in 2012 by confirming he's no friend to gay rights groups.

It really looks like their [the Log Cabin Republican's] campaign efforts on Mitt Romney's behalf might have used up a bulk of this money.

Both of these numbers from their expense report (which aren't parallel, so there can be overlap) point to the fact that over $100K was spent on that Mitt Romney campaign. Which is insane for a group with such a small budget (around $900K in donations per year). They're working on lots of other issues, and this one doesn't seem like the one they should be throwing their lot with.

Here's the ad in question from 2008. One of the odder juxtapositions you'll ever see in political advertising -- tonally and substantively, it's ostensibly an advocacy spot for a liberal Democrat. But it's played in a Republican primary.