Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cantor beefing up PR operation

Politico reports on Republican Eric Cantor's moves:

Confronting the reality of a shrunken GOP minority, House Republican whip Eric Cantor and his team plan to spend less time counting votes and more time working on their party’s message.

To that end, Cantor — the No. 2 Republican in the House — is beefing up his press team by bringing on Brad Dayspring, the aggressive spokesman for the Republican Study Committee; John Murray, a veteran PR executive; and McCain-Palin and Republican National Committee veteran Matt Lira, who will help expand the office’s outreach on the Internet.

Also, remember: he's a tweeting Jew! Saul Anuzis, you got nothin' on this kid.

UPDATE: Over at The Corner, Rich Lowry's got a suggestion for Cantor's approach as the loyal opposition: keep it simple.

For the purposes of the debate over this bill, it's better to come up with one or two big ideas than 10 smaller ones. The place to start is probably with a cut in or holiday from the payroll tax—a tax on working people and on employment...

Politically, Republicans have to support some sort of stimulus, but they should paint in bold, easy-to-understand colors in their contrast with Obama, who wants to suck them into supporting his bill as a political cover against its perceived or actual failure.