Monday, January 12, 2009

Schwarzenegger to Gingrich: HELP!

His state in financial ruin, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger just placed a call to Newt Gingrich for help on how to make gov't run more efficiently and enact political reforms.

[The Gov's communications director Matt] David said the discussion between Gingrich and Schwarzenegger chief of staff Susan Kennedy did not focus on the current deadlock over the California state budget, but rather the governor’s goal of creating a more efficient state government that could include “consolidating some agencies and getting rid of overtime and sick time abuse.”

Newt shouldn't be dismissed for 2012, although it's not likely he'll give up his lucrative empire for a run. Nevertheless, Republicans of all ideologies seem to, at the very least, respect his mind and instincts. It's hard to think of another conservative leader who can so seamlessly move between the moderate Republican world and the conservative, while keeping his political reputation intact.

For some reason, this thing didn't even hurt him. Can you imagine if Charlie Crist had sat next to Nancy?