Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Has Crist warmed and fuzzied up to cigarette tax?

Up until now, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist has resisted calls for a cigarette tax hike, drawing about as firm a line in the sand as the perpetually sunny governor can mark.

"I'm not warm and fuzzy about that."

But faced with a Legislature calling for huge spending cuts in education and the prospect of one of those manipulative ads showing kids emoting into the camera about their education (or future pensions, or 401k's or whatever crap activists think is cute and poignant), Crist is starting to warm and fuzzy up to a cig. tax hike (Ea.)

Earlier in the day, Charlie Crist went from a definite no on increased cigarette taxes to “not as yet.”.....

After all, the big guns are coming out.

Meanwhile, Florida teachers have started running a tv spot, depicting a politician asking kids what they’ve done for him lately.

Run and save your electoral soul!