Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jindal's "Buy Local" campaign questioned

Gov. Bobby Jindal drums up support for the local guys.

Democrats are a bit miffed, because the ads have been running as free PSA's, and have obvious political implications with the Republican governor presumably benefiting.

Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Chris Whittington:

"While the message of the ad is admirable and needed in these tough economic times, how it's being aired raises questions. There is no disclaimer revealing who paid for the ad or any costs associated with it. And if it is being classified as a public service announcement, we look forward to future PSAs with equal airtime on similar issues for Democratic officials."

(Ea.) Answer is, the Louisiana Automobile Association paid production costs and Cox Communications released it. The spot is used for unfilled ad spaces.

Jindal's spokeswoman, Melissa Sellers responds:

"Encouraging folks to invest in Louisiana's economy and support our businesses during this national economic downturn is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It is a Louisiana issue.

Gov. Jindal was asked to film this message to help Louisiana businesses and he was happy to do so, just as he often tapes messages for other groups. The governor is focused on moving Louisiana forward and communicating the positive news on how our state continues to outperform the national economy in many areas."