Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cantor says "no" on Ledbetter

On January 9, Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor voted NO on the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, but his compadres were defeated, 247-171. Of course, liberal blogs claim Cantor's vote is a vote "against every hard working American". Except sexual harassers, I'd assume, since they're hard workers, too.

Ledbetter is actually a pretty tough issue, despite its appearance as liberal fluff. Here's a nice primer, breaking down the + and - of the Act, with the author ultimately concluding Ledbetter's worthy on procedural issues:

....this isn't about equal pay. It doesn't lower the standard for what qualifies as sex discrimination. It doesn't reward frivolous lawsuits, and since it doesn't reward them, it won't encourage them. And it's not about setting wages or comparative worth or any other frightening impositions on the free market.

It's just about fair process.