Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cancel that Palin "TrooperGate 2" story

Yesterday, we reported on an email sent by Alaska state trooper Kyle Young, suggesting that an investigation into Bristol Palin's mother-in-law's drug dealings was delayed for political pressure. The inference was obvious: Sarah Palin's team had tampered.

As it turns out, MSNBC, CBS, The New York Times, Newday etc., all reported the same story.

But now, Newsbusters is reporting that the union is backing off its allegation, and the union's President, Rob Cox, calls the scandal a "non-issue".

Newsbusters takes it up:

Having had since yesterday evening to clear the air, one would expect the integrity driven media to make every effort to cover this aspect of the story just as vehemently. Major news outlets will surely inform the public of such an egregious error in investigative reporting, by running a story that clears the air for Sarah Palin, and exonerates her from bogus political meddling charges. Right?

Wrong. Thus far, there is no report from MSNBC, CBS News, the New York Times, Newsday, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, or the Associated Press.