Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now Crist crossing fingers for bailout $

Lately, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman's been stalling on budget issues like a constipated Yugo. Reason? He's banking on federal stimulus green to come in, and bail out tough cuts.

Count Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in with the Utah Gov:

[Crist] asked legislative leaders for permission Tuesday to submit his budget proposals abit late -- in the hope that more details of the federal economic stimulus package might be known, and deeper cuts to services avoided.

Not that the tact's unreasonable -- it's a rather salient fact when budgeting to consider all sources of revenue. But it belies conservative attempts to work on a thinner leash and take the opportunity to streamline.

The request is the latest evidence of potential dissonance between Crist and fellow Republican lawmakers who have approached the task of closing this year's $2.3 billion deficit as if federal help and new revenues weren't options.