Thursday, January 8, 2009

Coulter: Don't run in 2012, Sarah!

Here's some news: Ann Coulter advising a course of measured prudence.

In her new interview with Newsmax, the wiry blond praises Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, but suggests she forgo a 2012 run.

"They [the media] see that Republicans have gold in Sarah Palin. If I were Sarah Palin’s adviser I would strongly advise her to not run in 2012. She’s very young.

Raise your children so none of them turn out like Ron Reagan Junior, and be a good governor, and then I think she could be another Ronald Reagan… She has everything you can’t get from books, you can’t get from experience. She has heart and soul and absolute integrity, and charisma, and holds the crowd rapt.

Now she needs the wisdom and the experience, and I think she could be another Ronald Reagan.”

(Ea). Palin Fever can't handle an 8 year wait. It's 2012 or nothing. And file another Reagan/Palin comparison.