Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Liberal critics: Sanford posturing for President

Liberal columnist Will Moredock previews the next two years of Leftist dissent in South Carolina.

He [Sanford] is warming up to the [White House] challenge by preaching against the Obama stimulus package on cable news shows and anywhere else he can find a soap box. He is warning us like a prophet on the street that the stimulus package will increase the national debt — something that nobody doubts, but something that Mark Sanford never said a damned word about in the eight years that GWB was running up record deficits.

Such sanctimonious hypocrisy can only mean one thing — Sanford has his eye on higher office and he will say anything to court the GOP base.

In other words, Mark Sanford's only acting conservative, because no one in his right mind would actually be conservative. If this were a discussion on Mitt Romney circa 2007, okay. That's a fair debate. But Sanford's always been like this. Take it from PBS, of all places.

During his 1994 campaign, Sanford focused on his status as a Washington outsider, calling for term limits and saying "citizen legislators" needed to replace career politicians in Washington.

To that end, he pledged to serve only three terms, to take no political action committee money, to vote for no tax increases and to refuse any salary increase until the government had balanced the nation's budget.....

He voted against several resolutions that had nearly unanimous support, such as the December 1998 resolution to bomb Iraq.

...he voted against a bill ensuring the preservation of sites important to the Underground Railroad.... he voted against a defense appropriation that included funds for Charleston harbor.

(Ea.) Does that sound like someone who was posturing to run for Governor of South Carolina?