Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finding commong ground with Ron Paul

The Conservative Times is wryly amused at the GOP's sudden interest in Ron Paul supporters, as demonstrated at Monday's RNC debate:

Again it’s progress consider (sic) how badly the party treated Paul and his supporters all throughout last year. But it’s progress with a catch. There’s no doubt the party could use the energy, both online and active, of Paul supporters. They want their passion as Dawson put it. They just don’t want his ideas.

Not exactly. The GOP just doesn't want some of his ideas. There's far more overlap between mainstream conservatism and Paulians than there is mainstream anything else and Paulians. It's important to remember that Ron Paul is still a Republican congressman. There's a reason he chose the party.

Let's do our best at welcoming Paulians to the table for dinner. If they don't want the Global American Presence entree, let them explain why, and then politely respond: "But do you mind if I have a bit of it?" If they're the "tards" or "turds" Red State calls them, they'll leave the table. If they're reasonable and intelligent folks, I suspect they'll stay and chat awhile.