Friday, January 9, 2009

Huckabee wins "Gentile of the Year" award

Salt Lake Tribune:

The winner of the Boggs-Doniphan Award 2008 (aka Gentile of the Year) for the non-Mormon with the biggest impact on Mormonism, positive or negative, is Michael Dale Huckabee, unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate.

In announcing the winner, Ronan Head wrote:

"His aw-shucks anti-Mormonism torpedoed Mitt’s chances for the Republican nomination, thus ensuring that Americans were once again reminded that Mormons are too weird for the highest office in the land."

In the comments section, a blogger named Scott said:

I read Andrew Sullivan (sort of) frequently, and I found his comments to be a little less bothersome, just because I never felt like AS fully grasped what a touchy subject it was-he was just politically motivated. Huck knew exactly what buttons he was pushing-he was politically and religiously motivated. Sullivan was stupid; Huck was mean.

Any evangelical pastor knows exactly how theologically serious the distinctions between Mormonism and Christianity are. That's why Scott's point makes sense -- Huckabee knew what he was stoking when he asked "Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?" If you know that, you know that. You don't have to ask.