Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Education Chief tells Barbour he'll doom schools

You know times are tight when the opposition party starts bringing "our children" into politics. Yesterday, we noted that Florida teachers started running a tear-jerky spot meant to pressure Governor Charlie Cris from making deep cuts.

Now Mississippi's Gov. Haley Barbour is hearing it from the kids, as well. Funny how the kids happen to use Democrats and teachers' unions a lot to deliver their message.

The AP (Ea):

Mississippi Education Superintendent Hank Bounds says there are more than 20 school districts that won't be able to absorb the budget cuts Gov. Haley Barbour plans to make for K-12 public education....

Bounds said some districts may survive the reduced funding by shutting down sports programs or eliminating cafeteria, maintenance and school bus driving jobs.

So in other words, your kids won't be able to eat, run, piss, or get to school.