Monday, January 5, 2009

Crist's ethanol decision angering some

Last summer, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist signed energy legislation that required all gas in Florida to be an E10 gas/ethanol blend by 2010. The idea is simple: curb greenhouse gases, lessen dependence on foreign oil etc.,

But here's the problem with ethanol:

a) Ethanol appears to cause problems in older cars, boats, and farm equipment, as it binds with water and becomes a gel. This can clog fuel filters and injectors.

b) E10 might be cheaper, but it also leads to lower mpg.

c) It may be contributing to higher food prices

Since we're on the topic, here are two must-reads on environmental policy. First, eminent conservative economist Arthur Laffer teams up with Republican representative Bob Inglis to propose an "Emissions Plan Conservatives Could Warm To", one featuring a carbon tax paired with an equal, offsetting reduction in either income or payroll taxes. And second, a Huffington Post article slams the shoddy science and political opportunism associated with global warming. Huff Post touching a 3rd liberal rail? Now I'm waiting for the "Let's Privatize Social Security" op-ed.